The Alex Restaurant has been Burlington’s restaurant destination, specializing in small plate dining for over 2 years!

Chef Matthew Kershaw offers items such as Pingue charcuterie, bacon wrapped fries, gluten free Gnocchi, Thai chicken and shrimp meatballs, deboned and stuffed chicken wings, interesting salads, and decadent desserts – all in small, sharable sized plates (with smaller prices to match).

Service is well informed, but casual, in a warm, candle-lit space.  The wine list focuses on great finds that aren’t available in the LCBO.

While we love meat more than some people love their first born child, we are always very happy to accommodate those who don’t: Vegetarians and Vegans are welcome!  Also, for those of you that are glutarded, we offer almost everything with Gluten free alternatives.

If you love chain restaurants, you probably won’t love us.  And that’s ok.

If you already love us and want to see the other fun stuff we can do why not check out

We hope to see you soon.

480 Brant Street, #4
Burlington, ON  L7R 2G4
(905) 220-0520
Mon-Fri 11:30am-CLOSE
Sat 5:30pm-CLOSE